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Digital Zine Issue 1: Own Your Shadow

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Digital Zine Issue 1: Own Your Shadow

Yuko Nagai

For Your Creative Authenticity.

20 pages (including the cover) of carefully edited / curated, high-quality* photographic images, with layers of subtexts crammed in.

Nothing’s animated, simple, no frills.

19.0 MB PDF file - delivered with a purchase stamp on the cover. This may take up to several minutes so please be patient.

Page dimensions: w 1600 x h 2400px

Price : "pay what you want" with minimum price set as 600 JPY.. Feel free to tip me (although not at all required).

No refunds, due to the nature of the digital download.

Please read my Store Policy for privacy policies, Intellectual Property permissions etc., and Postscript for "artist statement".

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You will receive an e book made of 20 photographs.

20 pages